Nature Photography

A Time To DieaffectionBird at Grinstone creek Our Wetlands (2)Hamilton Harbour 22HDR2HamiltonJeuvenile Heronm1 Proud mother (2)m11 Guiness is really good for you (2)Merganser342 (2)MinkmmHarris HawkNight HeronRemebereance Day 2010 Hamilton HarbourSignet safe with pen after two signets go missing

The gang of fourYear Green Heron (2)yep 33 3 gulls Sunrise 3 (13)BIRDS


The “text” is just a rough draft to get these pictures to you ASAP.


Doug Worrall


9 responses to “Nature Photography

    • We’re all keeping fingers crossed that the weather starts to help fire fighting efforts with Alberta fires. All those people – the images of the bumper to bumper traffic on the narrow roads with huge walls of flames in the background. Run animals, run!

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