The Journey


As I begin this journey  to explore my new life in the world of Photography, I’m hoping to share with you the “New Me”  – the process of the regeneration of mind, body and soul.  I’m sure this will become an exciting evolutionary path, with hopes that it will inspire those of like minds.

My first project, “Men in Their Environment”  will be a photo trip into lives of very interesting people, some of them productive and some who’s lives are not.  However all will intrigue us and give us pause to think and to ponder on what constitutes this thing called life.

This project will be a work in progress and I’m presently shaping the first element, which will be release forms for anyone interested in being photographed, in their personal environment – be it at work or home.  If you may have any interest in participating in this exciting process, please drop me a line at

So if you’d like to join me on this adventure, I say to you, “There is mystery and magic in all of our lives. As we look through the camera lens together, may it serve to strengthen our bonds, shine a little light into the darkness and reaffirm that we are all in this together.

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6 responses to “The Journey

  1. Just a heads up – I’ve “nominated” you for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Award. (Blessing or curse: up to you – don’t wish to interfere with serious work. Copy award badges off my blog page if you want…might clash with your format?) Your blog is quite remarkable. Really enjoy your work.

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