The Interview

Very cool article for The beginning of The Electronic lifeline now The Internet and SEVERS, CRAIG, this will bring back those same memories it did myself–Good to know others “Were There” and learning from mistakes, and using Ingenuity and that basic ‘WHY DO i know how to do this, did I have a past life. Some people can pick something UP, and its like you did it before (In another LIFE, or memories) Its like Deja Vue

Photographer S. W. Krull Imaging

Just happened to check in on my blog to discover that two years ago today was the day I signed up at WordPress. Haven’t thought of much to write about in the last few weeks… March has had some rough memories the last couple of years and my inspiration is in a bit of a valley these days. But I was talking to a friend today and something reminded me of a memorable day from my computer programming days 🙂

Now this was back in the 80’s, well before PCs, when graphics workstations were a marvel to the tune of $100k each! My buddy Dan and I were mainframe operating systems analysts and we drew the task of traveling to Minneapolis to test some operating system software our crew had written in the Denver office. The software was extremely important to our company and a number of defense contractors in…

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