Weekly Post Challenge: “Weight(less)”

We have listened to all sides”to it all” as I sit and talk to these Losers, Societies misfits, Product of the “system, dysfunctional family” Or these Dregs of Society, Where does the problem really Lie. its a (tuff) call, I refuse to blame the man that sits there all day, with a hat begging, while siting beside that man, I see all types beside me, Ones out to fulfil there fix for the day.Or the ones that refuse the help and having to have Authority tell them “Rules” when there life has been one disappointment after another.I wont blame the ones that walk By, or do the “OSTRICH”, When You ask what the meaning of Empathy means to each person, you may here, Many different answers. There are many problems//Reasons//NO Judging here so Start with the main 3=Society, Education and Consumerism.To figure it all out would take a mega computer, Like B.O.I.N.C. (google it) or a waste of money and let Humans come up with a way to correct it.Its here, in the US whole families sleep under overpasses and it just gets worse.What to do, who knows, but Sit beside one of these people, talk to them, without fear, expectations, If we all do that, maybe those that have spoke, can help them help themselves,
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Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street homeless photography The Defence Rests

For this non-challenge I chose a shot that, to me, carries weight.

I lie on this street corner hoping to dream of heaven.
It’s difficult to sleep as the sidewalk is so hard.
People see me and pass me by.
I know what they think.
Most keep it to themselves but some come straight out with it.
“So call a cop!” I say.
I am cuffed and hauled into their court of public opinion.
I stand accused of flagrant addictions.
I stand accused of being demented.
I stand accused of spending my life making mistakes and stupid choices.
I stand accused of being a misfit.
I stand accused of being screwed by the system
But that charge is quickly dropped as it doesn’t support the prima facie case.
They charge me where I lay
But they really don’t know which charges to enter on the docket.

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2 responses to “Weekly Post Challenge: “Weight(less)”

  1. Ancient words “the poor have always been with us”. So? Is it destiny, ignorance, loss of heart, or lack of interest. Complex, but so much wringing of hands instead of using hands creates little change – in any era.
    We shall see, won’t we?