Feeling Paw-ly

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Sampson is a greedy cat. He likes to eat anything and everything. It can be a problem at times, as we always have to be aware of where food is in relation to him so that he doesn’t get it. We can’t leave the kitchen with food out, even for a second, because he’ll eat it.

There is a positive to this though. It is very quick and easy to know if Sampson isn’t feeling well. When a cat like Sampson, who loves food so much, goes of their food… Well, you immediately know something is wrong.

A few weeks ago Sampson was off his food. He still ate, but not with such gusto. He didn’t run as soon as he heard the food boxes being opened. He didn’t seem to be very ill, but the change in his personality was of course a concern.

Cuddly SampsonLuckily this only lasted…

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