To Watermark or To Not Watermark – Again! & Again! & Again!


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That’s right! The very next day after I postedPart 2, if you will, of this seriesI had to send another of my cease and desist demands to another local company for using the same skyline shot of the City of Hamilton. This time it was to a music production and recording company. That one actually hurt me the most at first because it seemed like the proverbial artists stealing from another artist scenario. The sting was only tempered by the fact the old adage, “When you’re good, you’re good!” is appropriate.

Within an hour of receiving my letter, they cordially notified me that they removed the picture from their website, and they certainly did.

December 1, 2015, I had to send a cease and desist letter to another local real estate agent who had used the shot on her website. In this instance, the bottom of my…

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