Prada walks. Other fashion departures.

Source: Prada walks. Other fashion departures.


2 responses to “Prada walks. Other fashion departures.

  1. Molly Malamute is miffed that Prada probably has a rain cape, too.
    After careful consideration, the black Prada shoes, while a good color for hiding mud, are unsuitable as I would be too wobbly and might break an ankle when careening dogs crash by.
    Thanks for the nod and wave!
    Lots of mallards in town now…if it ever stops raining maybe I can get a pix of them. Meanwhile, you’ll have to scout some cool images to post. Thanks again

  2. Planning to capture the Raptors scooping up the spawning Salmon in The Hendrie Trail boardwalk area by the CREEK, Tomorrow, depends on when I can get meds today be well Philosopher—Funny post, “fashion” Bowie has that great song “Fashion”