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    • I hope they win the next game tonight, and H8 This political outlook, h8 is a bad word, OK I dislike whats happening to social help I am used to. now I really must decide do I eat or live in a BED, its really crazy 8 years ago Canada was in top 20 Countries to live, our listing is beyond top 50 Crazy stuff

      • Darn. I’ve been wistfully looking that way. Commiserating (That last Uptown picture on my post almost said, “Then people were lucky to have 2 nickels to rub together. Just like that now!” Still can’t afford to go uptown.) Sigh. (along with arrgh/grrrr)

  1. The life events I could Tell you about how hard to survive on a fixed income in the most Corrupt City Government “Hamilton” you could easily write a book, Although very sad, it’s all too real and my nerves are at a Point I will do “anything” to protect my Life. I have been physically assaulted now that I am weak and sick, Landlords take advantage, Harass me, In last 5 months have moved 3 times, and cost me all on plastic 5000$ and still it continues, This writer is angry as hell and will not take another shot sitting down, Have had nazi Zoning officers come by my Home saying the apartment I JUST rented is not zoned to live-in.What a waste of taxpayers cash, we have enough problems not having affordable housing, so they want to make it even more difficult, its to crazy