Baseball dropped. And caught.

Source: Baseball dropped. And caught.



The Other NIGHT (while Blue Jays and Texas were in game 3 of the payoffs) THE baseball announcer says “Canadians did not grow up playing baseball “(Wish I had this on TAPE) Well No how could they the baseballs would freeze, and how would you Build an Igloo to hold a whole TEAM lol (So sad how some IN USA think “America” is the US well folks sorry, but Canada IS America and your good friends the Mexicans are American so put that in your pipe and smoke it  USA, btw we beat you at “your” game the world series in the 90,s and will happen again 🙂 “Lets GO BLUE Jays lets, Play Ball


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  1. Those Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area Texas Rangers. Eve wonder if they grow up thinking spurs work for baseball spikes? Yeah, go Jays!
    (I kept telling people the Jays were from Canada – and they say “What? Since when did they play baseball?” No worries, probably related to the same crowd that used to look at me odd at home when I said i was una Norteamericana..which still includes Canada, but in the bilingual business circles, it was more correct/PC than saying “American”….and yes, education levels here… Why aren’t parents suing school districts for mal practice?)
    Batter up. Play ball!