Hurricane Sandy Bringing Rain and Strong Winds Southern Ontario

Hurricane Sandy bringing rain and strong winds to Canadian territory 

50KM winds sustained

Monday October 29 2012

This “Article” is a re-post from DW Photography at  The above image “Hamilton Harbour” was after 50 KM winds sustained for six hours, with Sandy, we are looking at much more.

Calm before the storm

Hurricane Sandy strengthened before dawn this morning and remains on course to hit Canada tonight with howling winds and drenching rain after blowing through the U.S. eastern seaboard.

Drought and strange weather

Hundreds of Air Canada flights have already been affected and the airline is advising travellers to check the status of their flight ahead of time.

Drought hits home

The Canadian Hurricane Centre expects the so-called Frankenstorm to punish parts of southern and eastern Ontario and western Quebec with potentially damaging winds up to 100 kilometres per hour.Below is am image after winds were 50KM an hour.

Results High Winds and rain

It is a massive storm with tropical storm-force winds that extend some 800 kilometres from its centre. Please do-not underestimate this storm

RBG Fishway low water

Fall ride

With the flooding and probable Canadian deaths from this storm comes much needed rain. The great lakes “our drinking water” is down over one foot.This storm will not make much difference, we need this too happen a few times a year.

Water One foot below level

 Stay safe

Yellow legs-look like little boots-ready for a flood


Doug Worrall


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