Things To Do Victoria Day Hamilton

What To Do Victoria Day Hamilton

Saturday May 19 2012

Hamilton Harbour

Over the last week I have been seeing the very quick change from Spring to Summer.Each day I would experience a new treat.Today was no exception. Being quite cool with  NW winds this morning it was still cloudy at 8AM by Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise. Then the sun came out and viewing my images from last year at this time I noticed I saw my First Deer. Today I saw my first Five Deer. Two gracefully pounced into the woods when they saw me chasing them with stealth. Something a Nature photographer must learn.

Whitetail deer

Whitetail deer

Whitetail deer

This summer I highly suggest checking out Hamilton Harbourfront Park, which is easily accessible by car, e-bike, bus, or ride the Tramway from Haida all the way into Cootes Paradise. The Harbourfront Park not only offers activities, festivals and events all year long, but a place where you can take in the many sights and sounds of the RBG Centre. You can also bike, walk, hike, kayak and canoe into Cootes Paradise. Should you drive there, you’ll find ample parking close to all the amenities.

Last year, after biking the trail for three months, I still have much to discover, observe, and accomplish as a photographer. It seems the potential is endless, as each day the water beckons me to awaken before first light and immerse myself in Mother Nature’s cycle, which is always brimming with life.

Turkey Vulture

Proud mother

Blue Heron

I welcome you to join me on a journey to the hidden gems in Hamilton, Tobermory, Niagara Falls, and many other places. My hope is that together we enjoy an enlightening experience, to gaze through the camera lens together, to see the power, beauty, and wisdom of Mother Nature’s gift

Dundurn Castle is an historic chateau built to house Sir Allan MacNab, later prime minister of the united Province of Canada between 1845 and 1856. He hired architect Robert Wetherall and construction of this stately home was completed in 1835. It became the property of the City of Hamilton, and in the late 1960s, it was restored as a Centennial project. It is now designated as a National Historic Site.

Dundurn Castle

It operates as a civic museum, and its grounds house other attractions. Dundurn Park, and associated green spaces, is a favourite for wedding portraits. The Hamilton Military Museum is housed in an outbuilding which was relocated when York Street was widened as York Boulevard in the 1970s. Another outbuilding, the Cockpit Theatre, occasionally housed outdoor events and dramas.

Fireworks Hamilton Harbour

Operating Hours Victoria to Labour Day: Daily 10 am – 4 pm Labour Day to Victoria Day: Open Tuesday to Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm. The admission prices is $10 and also includes a ticket to the Hamilton Military Museum.

Great Blue Heron

Canada’s largest Botanical Gardens, the RBG has five garden areas, including RBG centre, Hendrie Park, Laking Garden & the Arboretum. It also has four nature sanctuaries, including Cootes Paradise, Hendrie Valley, Rock Chapel & Berry Tract.

RBG Centre – The main centre for the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Centre has indoor greenhouses with a vast collection of cactus & exotic plants and flowers. Most popular is the Mediterranean Garden(cool, so bring a coat), where the bloom season is actually winter!


Hendrie Park – Gardens featured include Rose Garden (beautiful @ June & Early Summer), Medicinal Garden (herbs & spices), Small-flowered Clematis, Garden Lily (Lilium) Collection, Scented Garden (plants with attitude!), Thyme Garden, The World of Botany, Vines, Climbers and Espaliers, Kids’ Gardening Zone (plant veggies), The Morrison Woodland Garden, Border Buffet (whole collection of plant borders to give you creative edge), Queen Beatrix Narcissus Collection (daffodil gift that Queen Beatrix gave during her visit in 1988) & a Collection of Canadian-Originated Trees. This garden really tickles of five of your senses & offers a comforting atmosphere.

It is open all year (except Christmas & New Years), from 9 a.m. to dusk. Remember the gardens are seasonal, so come when your favourite flowers are in bloom.

The Hamilton Waterfront Trail (7.5km):Known for its heavy industrial waterfront, Hamilton will surprise new visitors. The past decade has dramatically changed the waterfront bringing with it new recreational uses and restored natural and cultural features.

Sunset Hamilton Harbour

Shake it up baby

The trail follows Hamilton Harbour from Princess Point (Cootes Paradise) through Bayfront Park, Pier 4 Park, the Discovery Centre and on to HMCS Haida. You’ll also find Williams Coffee Pub, a Waterfront Ice Cream stand and the Hamilton Harbour Queen Cruises nearby

At Cootes Paradise there is an impressive staircase with a cycling trough leading to Dundurn Park and some amazing lookouts. From here you can connect to Burlington via York Street- extreme caution is needed when crossing the ramp from the 403.Note: The staircase at Coote’s Paradise is quite large and steep and can be a challenge for cyclists with full paniers.

Main Access Points (with parking)  Hamilton Waterfront Trail:

Dundurn Park-York Blvd.

Bayfront Park-Harbourfront Dr and Bay St.

Pier 8 – Canada Marine Discover Centre

HMCS Haida at Catherine St.

The Haidia

Enjoy The Images and the bountiful wildlife this weekend

Have a fun Holiday 🙂

Webster Falls

Doug Worrall Photographer


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  1. The deer stalker returns! (They posed pretty nicely for you) Love the velvety feel of the turkey vulture/buzzard – haven’t really seen one up close – except those looking for dinner in the roadway.) The pier shot is quite amazing. enjoyed the views. Thanks

    • Yes, The stalking continues :), more like good timing, and LUCK, albeit I have areas I check each day, This day did pay-off.Thank you for the Kind words regarding the Images