Bed Bugs and what to do Hamilton

Good Shepherd And Bed Bugs Hamilton

May 16 2012


This post is to inform People living in Hamilton Housing that if you get bed bugs, learn to live with them. Good Shepard (a Religious Organization) is “trying” to Take on the Job of Bed Bug Control . Oh My, what a Disaster……….

If They cannot find evidence of BB’s after there 5 minute ridiculous search, You will not be helped and will be eaten alive.They expect you too Not clean it -up, sleep in it until they get there, one week later.Silly right? Then why is this happening to all in Hamilton Housing? I do not know the answer .

If you think you are suffering from Bed Bug Bites or if you have seen a strange bug or other signs, the photos below will help you determine if you have them.

Obviously, you might find the bugs themselves! They can look vastly different based on life stage (there are 5 nymph stages and one adult stage) and whether they’ve fed recently or not. For reference, see the following bed bug life cycle images:

Life Cycle

After the bed bug bites someone and feeds for the first time, it turns red.  This is the same first instar once it has fully fed (it will be larger now; taken by Sorkin and Mercurio, American Museum of Natural History):

Full of your blood

To get an idea of the size, this is a 1st instar nymph feeding on Lou Sorkin’s finger. You can see them, but they are small:

nymph so small

More advanced instars and adults are reddish brown or brown.

Bassommeijer’s photo of an Argentinian adult bed bug in a book:

Bug In Book

Other signs of bed bugs:

Cast skins: bed bugs cast their skin each time they grow. So you might find cast skins from a 1st instar nymph or a 5th instar nymph and the size will vary a great deal.

Understanding just how small

Good luck  to you all


UPDATE: Today spoke with a rep from Good Shepard, Tuesday May 22nd the dogs will be here to sniff, and a preventative spray for now, so some action.”The Squeaky wheel gets the grease”

Thank-you Christine 🙂

Post by Doug Worrall


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