Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse Hamilton

A walk through the Tropical Greenhouse takes the visitor through a diverse world of verdant plants, trailing vines and colourful bulbs. The greenhouse is part of the Horticultural facility in beautiful Gage Park off Gage Avenue and Lawrence Road.


With just over 6,000sq ft (557 m2) of display area, the greenhouse features a meandering flagstone path running beside fish filled ponds, and tropical borders culminating in a spectacular waterfall. The ponds are filled with Shubunkin and Golden Orfe fish. Lush, exotic plants, water lilies and lotus add to the beauty of the greenhouse.

Bartholomew and Charlemagne are two new additions to the greenhouse. These two Red-eared Slider turtles were rescued by the Toronto Humane Society. The turtles live in a custom built pond adjacent to the waterfall.

One of the Turtles

In keeping with the IPM (integrated pest management) program, Cryptolaemus, a biological beneficial insect has been released to control mealybug in the tropical greenhouse

The Gage Park Greenhouse complex includes nine greenhouses used for plant production for the Traffic Island Beautification Program, city parks, cemeteries, and various municipal facilities throughout Hamilton. Horticultural staff also grow the mums and stage The Annual Chrysanthemum Show at Gage Park.

If you have been here in the past – come back and take another look at the extensive renovations that have been underway since November ’06. We have brought in many new flowering plants, enlarged the waterfall, introduced seasonal displays and have plans for further improvements. The tropical house is available by appointment for wedding photographs.

Events: Seasonal displays will be held in the tropical greenhouse throughout the year. For more information contact

greenhouse cat

Gage park greenhouse

Gage park greenhouses

905-546-2424 x 7598

Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location: Enter the Gage Park parking lot off Lawrence Road, just east of Gage Avenue South. Take the pathway at the north side of the parking lot to the Horticulture Depot.

Wheelchair Accessible & Free Parking

Book Your Wedding Photographs

Please contact: 905-546-2424 X4614 or X2042 for further details

*The tropical house will be unavailable for bookings from October 13 – November 7 due to preparations for the Chrysanthemum Show.

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