Beaver In Hamilton Canada

Sunrise Hamilton Harbour



Today, you can see the Canadian beaver on the back of Canadian nickels and on coats of arms representing several of Canada’s provinces. On provincial coats of arms, the beaver generally represents Canada, or national unity, just as a bald eagle graces some state seals as a symbol of unity. Some provincial coats of arms also depict a lion as a symbol of Great Britain.
One group of Canadians have celebrated National Beaver Day on the last Friday in February since 1974. They are the Nova Scotia Association of Architects, a club of builders any beaver could appreciate.

Canadian Beaver




One of the animals which most people think of when they think of Canada, is the Canadian Beaver.

When the first European explorers and settlers came to this country, they found Beavers in abundance – up to 200 million of them across the continent!

Over the years of being hunted for their fur, their numbers dwindled, but are now back up to a healthy 10 – 15 million across North America, including Canada.

Its hard to believe today, but the Beaver was hunted so enthusiastically to satisfy the European fashion for Beaver Top Hats! Yes, the pelts were used for fashionable gentlemen to wear on their heads.

Thank goodness we no longer trap and kill these little animals for their fur.

Doug Worrall Photographer


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