6 Swan eggs ready to hatch in Hamilton

Tuesday June 15th 2010

Jacquie Darby told me the eggs were laid 4 week,s back.This is Located in the Hamilton Yacht club boat launch area.
This is the second Pair of swans that have reared baby swans. I plan to document the hacthing process, and the love between father
Mother and the work they share. What dissapoints me is the human beings that feed any bird bread, birds eat seed and grains not bleached flower
with yeast, there stomaches bloat up and get sick.In Ottowa they have a law not to feed swans, Ottowa has black swans also.
Enjoy, and again the text will be buffed up and grammer etc……..ENJOY oh yes, had to rush back to make a 12pm dental appointment. Hmm, Nice bug of the day ehh……..


Doug Worrall


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